Welcome to the "brand new" Latrobe University Guild member benefits website where you continue to receive fantastic benefits from local, national and international businesses.

To access the benefits all you need is a valid Latrobe University Guild member card with the "Where To Enjoy" logo and you can start saving right away. Your Latrobe University Guild member benefits book is also provided for you to enjoy.

Whats new?
  • Find your favourites quickly and easily with the new navigation and search tools.
  • Direct links to your favourites including Gift Cards and Theme Parks.
  • Purchase online: Many of your favourite tickets can be purchased instantly online.
    Gift cards can also be purchased online easily and quickly.
  • Mobile device: View pages on your mobile phone more economically with a brand new feature "I am on a mobile device" at the bottom of this page.
    To return to full features, simply click on "I am not on a mobile device". It is that easy.
  • New Benefits: A huge number of new leisure activities,
    full range of cinema tickets, special rates on electrical, sporting and household goods, etc.etc.

These are just a sample of the fantastic improvements we have made to ensure members have the best experience possible and the widest and largest range of benefits available.

Holiday Select Special Deals.
Save on Accommodation, Travel Insurance and Car Hire!


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