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Q. I am having trouble logging in.
A. 1) Check that your password is correct.

If you have forgotten your password, enter your email address in the login and click/tap on "forgot my password". Your password will then be emailed to you within a minute or two. Please check your junk mail if you do not receive it in your inbox.
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A. 2)
Your firewall security settings may be set to high which may be stopping the login.
Ensure that your cookies are enabled, and your firewall settings are correct.

Q. How do I enable Cookies

A. To place orders within the website (due to the security features) you must have cookies enabled on your internet browser.
In case you are not sure how to enable cookies, please see information below.

Cookies set up:
Cookies must be enabled on your Internet browser before you: Log-in, access offers, order Gift Cards or Tickets.

Enabling cookies on your Browser:
~Internet Explorer. Version 7 and above
Go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy
Move the settings slider to Medium or Accept All Cookies, click OK.

~Mozilla Firefox
Go to Tools > Options > Privacy
Tick "Accept Cookies" from sites.

Choose Preferences from the Safari menu and click Security
Click "Always" or "Only from sites I visit".

Please note: Before you adjust your settings, you should take note of these settings prior to the change and change them back if you wish when you are done.

Gift Cards:The following applies to all Gift Cards except WISH Gift cards. See WISH Gift Cards terms and conditions on the WISH Gift Card order page.
Note: We make every effort to fulfil your order with the denominations you have requested. So that we may fulfil your order faster, on some occasions we may substitute the denominations to complete your order.
Once you have received the gift cards we cannot replace or substitute them.

eGift Cards: (Digital eGift cards are emailed to your email address)
eGift cards are emailed to you in three business days from receipt of payment that shows in our bank account. A maximum order limit of $1,000 applies. 5 cards maximum per order.
Due to security reasons, eGift cards must be paid for by EFT (Direct deposit into our bank account). Select EFT as your payment option at checkout.
For security reasons, e-gift cards will only be emailed to the member registered email address in the name of that member. 

To receive no delivery fee, the order must only contain eGift cards. (You cannot add a standard plastic card to that order)
You can place a separate order for standard plastic gift cards. A fair use policy of a maximum combined order value of $3,000 per month applies ($1,000 per 10 days) Personal orders only accepted.  When Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is selected, our payment details are emailed to you when you complete the order. You can then complete the EFT payment into out account as per details emailed to you.

Standard Plastic Gift cards (Mailed via Australia Post to your physical address - Post boxes not accepted)
Personal orders only accepted. A fair use policy of a maximum combined order value of $3,000 per month applies to all Gift cards ($1,000 max per 10 days) EFT must be selected for all orders with a value above $201. Credit Card payments have a 1% transaction fee. When you select Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), our payment details are emailed to you when you complete the order. You can then complete the EFT payment into our account as per details emailed to you.

How we post standard plastic Gift Cards to you.
Standard Australia Post: Orders up to $200 have a postage choice of "Standard Australia Post @ $2.00" or "Registered Post at a $4.50 postage charge". Due to security reasons "All orders over $201, must select "Registered Post" and must be paid for by EFT. Once dispatched Gift Cards cannot be replaced or cancelled if lost in transit or lost by you.

A fair use policy of a maximum combined order value of $3,000 per month applies to all standard Plastic Gift cards. ($1,000 maximum in any 10 day period)  Personal orders only accepted.

Lost/stolen/misplaced Gift Cards:
Gift cards (standard and eGift cards) cannot be replaced or refunded: Once dispatched, Gift cards are your responsibility, and cannot be replaced or cancelled if lost in transit or lost by you. If you choose "eGift cards", "Standard Mail'" or "Registered Post" as your mail preference, you accept that if cards are lost or stolen we cannot refund any amount to you or replace cards that have funds spent. We suggest you choose "Registered Mail".

Payment by Credit Card
Payments by Credit Card incurs a 1% transaction fee. Payment for standard plastic gift card orders over $201 and all eGift cards must be by EFT.

Payment by EFT
When you select Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), our payment details are emailed to you when you complete the order. You can then complete the EFT payment into our bank account as per details emailed to you. Ensure that you place the order receipt number and your name when making payment so that we can see that it is your order that has been paid for.

Important: Please read if you are paying via EFT.  Note: EFT is where you pay funds into our account.

If you choose to pay via EFT, you must include the "order number" that you receive when you complete your order.
The order number must be placed on your payment reference by you or your bank when you are completing the EFT payment.
A reference such as "Coles card order", or "card order" is not acceptable as we have a huge number of orders for the same cards.
(If you do not place the order number and/or your name as the payment reference when you pay by EFT, we have no way to identify that the payment is yours!) If you pay via EFT after 4pm Friday or on the weekend, we may not see the payment in our system until the following Tuesday!

Note: Please ensure that you are a current financial member. Orders that are paid for - will not be mailed and a non-refundable $35.00 process fee will be charged if you are found to be a non-member when the order is processed.

Q. When I Search and select a Location, other Locations are included in the results.

A. If you select a Location - you must select the Region for that Location to remove other Locations from your search query.
International search must also select the Region in the same way.

Q. Can I access the benefits within this site?

A. Benefits and Rewards offers within this website are ONLY available to members/employees/customers from an organisation that Where To Enjoy is the benefits and rewards partner and they have provided you with access to Where To Enjoy benefits and rewards. Offers are NOT available to the general public.
As a member you can access all of the offers within this website. Some offers require you to present a member card, (Your Digital Card is within the App or you may have been issued with a Plastic Card) that shows the Where To Enjoy® logo. Read the conditions of each offer to see if you are required to present a member card. 

Q. How many cards can be presented when dining?

A. A maximum number of two member cards with the Where To Enjoy® logo may be presented by each table/group.

Q. How do I return to the previous page when I have completed my search?

A. This site works similar to "real estate sites" where you need to click on the "back arrow" button at the top left hand corner of your internet browser.


Member benefits are exclusive and cannot be used with any other discount or offer and cannot be used in conjunction or combining with any other discount program.

Standard Conditions
Please read carefully before use.
All member cards must be signed before use and are non transferable.

1. Select the dining establishment from those within this site.
2. Bookings on busy nights are preferred, though are not essential unless stated.
3. You are entitled to the offer specified up to the maximum value indicated.
4. You are not required to identify yourself as a Where To Enjoy® member.
Present your card when you Request The Bill, there is no need to present the card earlier.

Repeat Use Offer:
All establishments within the Dining section are repeat use.
You may visit these establishments as many times as you wish until expiry date
shown on your card.
Remember to present your Member Card with the Where To Enjoy® logo
when requesting the bill

How Offers Work: Dining
The offer applicable is that stated for the restaurant.
Enjoy One Free Main Course with the purchase of a Second
Main Course of equal or greater value.

Note: The least expensive meal is provided free "Up To" the limit indicated for
each establishment.
Set Menu's /Banquets: Offer does not apply for these menu selections(unless stated).
Total Bill includes both Food & Beverage.
The % Off is "Up To" the maximum limit indicated for each establishment.

Group Dining:
The Bill cannot be separated : Only One Bill per Table/Group is permitted.
A maximum number of two Member Cards with the Where To Enjoy® logo
may be presented by each table/group.
When more than One Card is produced the deduction remains at
% off the total bill"Up To" the maximum value stated for each Member card.
The value limit may be multiplied by the number of cards
produced as set out in the example below.

Group Dining : Example of Use;
2 or 3 people are dining One card accepted.(Up to $limit indicated on offer) 4 or 5 people are dining. Two cards accepted.(Up to $limit indicated on offer x 2)

Children's meals,Specials,Set Menu's,Entree's, Childrens meals,Specials, Set Menu's,Entree's are not considered as a "Main Courses" and therefore do not qualify for discount(unless stated).

Dine In/ Takeaway
All offers for Dining are "Dine-In Only" (unless otherwise stated) The exception is Informal Dining, Takeaway where takeaway is excepted (unless otherwise stated)

Not Valid with any other offers
All offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other type of discount or special offer.

Each voucher entitles you to the offer described on the voucher and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
Conditions are described on each voucher and must be surrendered when accepting the offer.

At certain times Movie Theatres show films that are marked "No Free List".  In such cases the voucher along with any other special offers are not accepted.

Valid Seven Days/All Times
Offers can be used at all times within the normal hours of service for Dining, Informal Dining/Takeaway & Leisure Activities except for the stated Festive Days and Public Holidays.

Festive Days/Public Holidays
All offers within the site are not valid on the following days; NewYears Eve/Day, Anzac Day, Queen's Birthday, Australia Day, Easter, Christmas Eve/Day,Mothers Day, Fathers Day, St. Valentine's Day, Boxing Day,Labour Day.

Please read carefully each offer for their own conditions.